What is a Bot Persona & How Do You Create One For Your Business?

Posted by Hillary Black on July 22 2020

If you're considering creating a bot or using automated texting for your business, something you need to ask yourself first is: do you need a bot persona?

What is Robotic Process Automation and How Can it Help With Sales?

Posted by Hillary Black on February 4 2020

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to take manual, repetitive sales tasks off your plate can give you more than just extra time in your day. Let's explore how pairing internal RPA with automated texting can help sales teams fill their pipeline with qualified leads, nurture prospects and convert more leads.

Should Your Business Use Automation? An Easy Way To Decide

Posted by Matthew Black on January 17 2020

At Mav, we talk a lot about what are good use cases for bots and automation. I used to think it was as simple as answering this question: Can a robot do this job better than a human? 🤔

Except, it’s not that simple… Robots should serve and enable humans. Yet, us as an industry often ignore the question, “what if the human enjoys doing this job?”

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to SMS

Posted by Hillary Black on December 19 2019

Automated texting is one of the best new ways to grow your business. It's simple, SMS converts better. In fact, text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and Facebook.

Why Your Business Needs An Automated Texting Robot

Posted by Hillary Black on December 13 2019

Automated texting is the future. Not the spammy link blasts you may be familiar with, coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond and World Market, hair salon appointment confirmations and prescription refills, and let’s not forget Joe Biden’s bot-turned meme website (and the many other political campaign donation texts). Automated two-way texting is future. In this post, you’ll learn exactly why automated texting is valuable asset to your marketing strategy, and how to acquire, qualify and follow up with customers over text. 

Ebook Preview: How Mortgage Lenders Can Automate Lead Qualification

Posted by Hillary Black on December 5 2019

We recently launched a brand new ebook - Automating Lead Acquisition for Mortgage Lenders - and wanted to share a special preview with our readers! Here is a look at what you'll find inside of this 23-page complete guide to automating your lead qualifying and follow ups, and growing your mortgage business in new ways. Even if you aren't a mortgage lender or loan officer, the strategies and value we share here can still apply to you.