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Mav "Driving Intent" Skill 🚗 Now Live

Posted by Matthew Black on May 8 2020

Yesterday, we had a user text Mav that they were driving. Obviously, we don’t want people to text and drive. So we designed, trained and launched Mav’s “Driving Intent” skill. It's live in production today.

Should Your Business Use Automation? An Easy Way To Decide

Posted by Matthew Black on January 17 2020

At Mav, we talk a lot about what are good use cases for bots and automation. I used to think it was as simple as answering this question: Can a robot do this job better than a human? 🤔

Except, it’s not that simple… Robots should serve and enable humans. Yet, us as an industry often ignore the question, “what if the human enjoys doing this job?”

Introducing Mav

Posted by Matthew Black on November 11 2019

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Mav. Mav is a texting robot that educates, qualifies and follows up with your leads.